iPhone 13 For Rs 39,999 Vs iPhone 14 Around Rs 50,000: Which One To Buy In Amazon, Flipkart Sales? – News18

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With Flipkart’s Big Billion and Amazon’s Great Indian Festival sale scheduled to begin soon, many are on the fence about whether to buy discounted phones, especially iPhones. While the prices are certainly going to be quite attractive—as both Flipkart and Amazon have revealed full and partial prices, it is important to make the right smartphone purchase considering buying an older iPhone may not make much sense for everyone.

Here, let us tell you which iPhone models may be ideal to buy this festive season based on your needs and how to get the best possible prices.

iPhone 13 – Rs 39,999 on Amazon

Amazon has revealed that the iPhone 13 would effectively cost Rs 39,999 after applying the SBI bank offer and an extra exchange bonus of Rs 3,500. The deal price without any card or exchange offers is Rs 45,999. We believe that the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14—besides the cameras—offer very little difference.

If you can buy the iPhone 13 for around Rs 40,000, it can certainly prove to be a good deal, but once you approach the Rs 45,000 mark, we suggest that you try and buy the iPhone 14—as by paying just a little extra—you may get an extra year of support, and perhaps, you may enjoy the better cinematic mode that the iPhone 14 offers in contrast to the iPhone 13.

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus – Around Rs 50,000/60,000 on Flipkart

While Flipkart hasn’t officially revealed the prices for the iPhone 14 models, it has given people a rough idea of what to expect when the devices go on sale. The iPhone 14 is expected to be priced around Rs 50,000, while the iPhone 14 Plus is expected to be around Rs 60,000. It is more or less expected that these prices would be honoured after applying card offers, but even if you can buy the iPhone 14 for under Rs 55,000, it should be a good price.

However, the same can’t be said about the iPhone 14 Plus; we suggest buying it only if you want a larger screen. If the price goes above Rs 65,000, it would be better to wait or add more money to get the new iPhone 15 instead—as it would represent better value for the money, thanks to its set of new features, including USB-C and the Dynamic Island.

iPhone 12 – Rs 32,999 on Flipkart

The iPhone 12—having launched in 2020—is a three-year-old phone at this point, and while it still holds up thanks to the A14 Bionic chipset, which is 5G capable, the battery life you can expect from the iPhone 12 isn’t going to be great. Also, the phone being three years old at this point has roughly reached 60% of its life when it comes to getting software support (major iOS updates) from Apple.

As for the deal, the price is Rs 38,999 without any offers, and with card discounts and exchange bonuses, you can get it at Rs 32,999. For Rs 38,999, we can’t suggest the iPhone 12 at this point in time, but for Rs 32,999—it can be considered if you want to experience iOS on a budget. And yes, this will certainly give you a better experience than the iPhone SE 3, which doesn’t come with FaceID.

Conclusion: Prefer the iPhone 14 If Budget Isn’t an Issue; Otherwise, Buy the iPhone 13 With Offers

All things considered, we feel the iPhone 14 base model with 128GB storage would represent the best value for money during the upcoming sales, and if you can buy one for around Rs 50,000, it can be a solid phone for the years to come. With that said, only considering buying the iPhone 12 if you are on a strict budget and can apply all the card and exchange offers. The iPhone 13 is also a good option, but unless you apply card offers, it would be best to opt for the iPhone 14 considering the superior camera performance.

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