Ghost Or Alien? Expert Certifies Las Vegas Familys Alien Encounter Video As Authentic

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Aliens have been a subject of curiosity and research across the world. While many people often share videos of Unidentified Flying Objects while some share videos of unique creatures. The government across the world, especially in America, spends billions of dollars on research to verify the existence of aliens and UFOs. However, nothing concrete has been found yet. However, a video shot last year in the United States’ Las Vegas has left the world puzzled. 

The video was shot by a family in Las Vegas during the night time in which they claimed that some unique creature or alien-like creature was hiding behind the car. There were around four members of the family and all were scared to move out to shoot the video from a close distance. While they claimed the alien’s presence at some distance, what they missed was that a transparent creature was standing near their fence when they were looking at the alien. 

The video was recorded by the family between April 30 and May 1, 2023. The family had called even 911 (the emergency number to call the police in the USA). What is interesting is that even some cops in Las Vegas admitted to sighting a UFO in the sky around the same time. The American Meteor Society claimed that the UFO’s flash was visible as far as California and Utah.

Now, a new twist has come to the fore with a former federal officer and forensic expert claiming that the video is authentic. The expert, who investigated the video thinking it to be edited or altered, found it to be authentic and even shared his findings with a national TV. After watching the video, even one cannot deny the presence of extraterrestrial objects, whether they were aliens or ghosts, it’s up to the believers. 

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The family had described the figures they saw as 8-9 feet tall having big shiny eyes and mouths. The family claimed that they were nowhere similar to humans in their appearance.

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