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Animals should not be made to go back hungry during Pitru Paksha.

Since Pitru Paksha is believed to be a highly inauspicious period, it is advisable to avoid any auspicious activity during the month.

Pitru Paksha, this year, is being observed from Friday, September 29, to Saturday, October 14. The event is an annual practice and is observed for 15 days. During Pitru paksha, people generally visit the banks of the river Ganga or the other holy rivers where they make offerings for their ancestors and seek blessings for them. Notably, the offerings are made to bring peace to the souls of the departed ancestors whose three generations are believed to live in an in-between realm called Pitrilok.

There are certain regulations regarding the consumption of food and drink that need to be followed to appease the departed ancestors. It is necessary for the people performing the rituals during Pitru paksha to consume only the Sattvik diet. As per beliefs, the Sattvik food items help attain mental peace and spiritual growth.

On the other hand, eating a Tamasic or Rajasic diet negatively impacts mental balance and hinders spiritual growth. Meanwhile, make sure to consume tonnes of water to stay hydrated throughout the day.

Since this period is believed to be highly inauspicious, it is advisable to avoid any auspicious activity during the month. Events like marriage, buying a new home, or purchasing a new vehicle should be avoided completely. Meanwhile, make sure that you do not cut your hair or nails during the period of Pitru Paksha. Scriptures suggest that only three metals are good for performing such rituals- gold, silver, bronze and copper.

Besides, any animal should not be disrespected or should not be made to go back hungry. Make sure to feed them with whatever you have. Additionally, offer water to all the species as it would help you attain mental well-being and will also bring peace to departed souls. Keep in mind not to hurt any individual, animals and even insects.

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