Delhi-NCR Residents Share Scary Videos as Earthquake Jolts National Capital – News18

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Earthquake in Noida-Delhi NCR: Estimated magnitude 5.5 earthquake, What Caused It and What to Do If You Feel One. (Image: News18)

Tremors felt in Delhi-NCR: Delhi-NCR on October 3, 2023, at around 14:55 IST. The tremors were caused by a 5.4 magnitude earthquake and more updates at

As Delhi-NCR was jolted by an earthquake just a few minutes ago, panicky people and social media users took to ‘X’ and shared scary videos. As per the initial figures, the magnitude of the earthquake has been measured at 5.4. While most people enquired as to what was actually happening, many shared videos of things trembling on a desk. “Earthquake in Delhi or what, was speaking to a business associate, and they were all running. Stay safe,” wrote an ‘X’ user. Another person wrote, “Earthquake in Delhi – mild one – but felt the chair shake …very strange feeling to experience it.”

Many people shared videos of water bottles kept on tables with water shaking on its own. “Did we just feel the earthquake in Delhi or Am I hallucinating,” enquired an ‘X’ user.

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Here, have a look at a few posts:

While many were scared, some people also saw the lighter side and shared hilarious memes. The viral meme storm hit the internet after the earthquake tremors rocked Delhi. This is how Delhiites refused to keep calm and unleashed their meme power, turning an intense situation into a hilarious one.

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On Sunday, a mild tremor shook parts of Haryana. According to the National Centre for Seismology the earthquake of magnitude 2.6, occurred at 11.26 pm on Sunday.

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