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Last Updated: October 03, 2023, 11:58 IST

Earlier, a 24-year-old said he was earning Rs 58 lakh and was dissatisfied.

While many of us consider Rs 94 lakh to be a very good package, achieving this at the age of just 32 is indeed a significant feat. Yet, the man seemed dissatisfied.

Reports suggest that Bengaluru and Mumbai are at the top in terms of offering higher salary packages. In these two cities, not only experienced engineers but freshers also receive handsome salaries. However, a recent incident on the social media platform Quora has caused quite a stir. A 32-year-old software engineer, residing in Bengaluru raised a question, stating, “I am earning a salary of Rs 94 lakh. Is this too little?”

While many of us consider Rs 94 lakh to be a very good package, achieving this at the age of just 32 is indeed a significant feat. Yet, this individual seemed dissatisfied. The moment this question was uploaded, it went viral and created a stir on the internet, prompting people to share their opinions.

One user expressed, “Nowadays, people are using Quora to boast about their salaries. Such individuals should remain silent. If you’re uncertain whether Rs 94 lakh is sufficient to live in any Indian city, then all the studies you’ve undertaken until the age of 32 are in vain. Don’t engage in unnecessary self-promotion. If you’ve achieved this, it’s commendable. Contribute positively to your family and society. Avoid asking superfluous questions.”

Another person commented, “Yes, it’s quite meagre. You’re in a tough spot, my friend. I myself have a package of Rs 8 crore, and I’m only 25 years old.” A third user disputed the claim and wrote, “Don’t mislead. Who gets a package of Rs 94 lakh at the age of 32? Don’t make false claims like this.”

There were several amusing reactions as well. One user humorously added, “My friend, this is considerably low according to market standards. My cousin, a graduate of Galgotias College of Engineering and Technology, received a package of Rs 3.9 crore. However, he’s concerned about the cost of living in Bengaluru. India’s per capita income is projected to reach Rs 2.1 crore in 2023. So, you’re well below the poverty line. You should apply for a Below Poverty Line (BPL) card to receive some free rations. Alternatively, you might consider relocating to a more affordable location like Singapore. After all, cities like Bengaluru are practically on Mars.”

Such questions surfacing on social media platforms are not uncommon. Just a few days back, a 24-year-old professional stated that he was earning Rs 58 lakh, enjoying all the amenities in Bengaluru and added that yet, he felt dissatisfied.

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