Audience Does Get Brutal: Vijay Varma Opens Up On Receiving Hate

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New Delhi: While we have seen actors and artists striving to be loved and admired by audiences, there is one actor who thrives on being hated. Vijay Varma, who is one of the loved and admired actors of the Indian film industry, for his earnest portrayals of brutal on-screen characters, has mastered the art of making audiences despise him on screen. And he couldn’t be happier about it.

For Vijay Varma, the audience’s brutal reactions to his performances are a badge of honour. He views it as a sign of a job well done, and a testament to his acting skills. When the audience genuinely hate the characters he plays, it showcases his ability to immerse himself completely in those negative roles.

In an interview to Elle, Vijay had mentioned, “The audience does get brutal because of the characters I play, but I believe that’s also the mark of a job well done,” shares Vijay, whose recent success, ‘Jaane Jaan’, is getting him attention for all the right reasons.

What sets the versatile actor apart is his dedication to his craft. He doesn’t merely portray brutal characters; he becomes them. He meticulously works on his characters to make them believable and uniquely his own. This approach is evident in the way audiences react to his performances. 

Vijay’s ability to make audiences love to hate him is a sign of his versatility and commitment to his art. The prolific actor has found success by embracing the fact that sometimes, it’s more fulfilling to be the villain audiences love to hate!

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