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MacBook Air M1 is going to be available for an all-time-low price. (Photo by Thai Nguyen on Unsplash)

Apple MacBook Air M1 will be available for an effective price of Rs 52,999 during Amazon’s Great Indian Festival sale. Here’s how to buy it at this price.

Apple’s MacBook Air M1 will be available for an effective price of Rs 52,999 during Amazon’s Great Indian Festival sale, which starts on October 8 in India, as per an official banner listing we spotted in the Amazon shopping app.

Now, the key word here is ‘effective,’ which means that the device won’t be available for a flat Rs 52,999, but this price will be attainable after applying certain offers.

MacBook Air M1: Here’s How This Deal Works

The MacBook Air M1 currently retails for an MRP of Rs 99,990, but during the Amazon Great Indian Festival sale, the flat deal price offered to everyone without any card or exchange offer will be Rs 62,990.

MacBook Air M1 deal listing in Amazon app.

Now, if you have an SBI credit card, you can further get a bank discount of Rs 3,500, bringing the price down to Rs 59,490. Coupled with the exchange bonus discount, one can get around Rs 6,491 for an ‘i3 laptop,’ as noted by Amazon. This brings the overall discounted rate to Rs 52,999.

With that said, it’s granted that not everyone would be able to exchange their old laptops. However, even if you forget about that, the price still stands at Rs 59,490, and that price makes for quite a deal, if you ask us.

Is the MacBook Air M1 Still a Good Investment Despite Its Three-Year Age?

The MacBook Air M1 is still a great laptop for a lot of things, even though it’s three years old. It’s still fast and responsive for everyday tasks, and it can even handle more demanding apps like Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Photoshop.

We have used this exact laptop with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage ourselves, and we haven’t had any problems with it slowing down, even when editing 4K footage or having a bunch of tabs open in Safari while doing research.

While it may exhibit slight struggles when heavily loaded with tasks or when RAM usage is high, considering the price, there are very few alternatives in the market that can match this offering from Apple. 

Apple will also continue to support this laptop for years to come, and it recently received the macOS Sonoma update, which runs quite well on the laptop. We can certainly recommend this laptop at this price point, and can be a much better option for someone looking to invest in a Windows laptop around the same price unless it is for a specific task that you can only perform on Windows. The MacBook Air M1 is available in three finishes: Silver, Space Grey, and Gold.

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