‘Were We Bitten by Mad Dog?’ KCR’s Son Retorts to PM Modi Over ‘BRS Wanted to Join NDA’ Remarks – News18

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Last Updated: October 03, 2023, 21:47 IST

Telangana IT minsiter KT Rama Rao. (File Image/ News18)

KTR also said that the prime minister must stop spreading white and fabricated lies and termed the BJP as the ‘biggest jhoot factory of India’

Telangana Chief Minister KCR’s son KT Rama Rao hit back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi over his claims that “KCR wanted to join the National Democratic Alliance but was denied entry into the bloc,” and said “We are not bitten by a mad dog” that our party would even think of joining NDA.

KTR’s veiled attack comes after PM Modi, who was in Telangana on Tuesday to campaign for his party, claimed that KCR once came to him dressed up in a nice shawl and requested that his party be inducted into NDA. The prime minister further claimed that he refused KCR’s request and since then the chief minister never faced him.

Talking to the media, KTR said, “This Prime Minister is so inconsistent. On the one hand, he says BRS has funded Congress in Karnataka and then he says he has not allowed us into NDA. Have we been bitten by a rabid dog that we will go and join the NDA?”

“So many parties are leaving your alliance. First, the Shiv Sena left you, then the Janata Dal (United) left, and now did the Telugu Desam Party and the Shiromani Akali Dal, who are you left with? There’s no one to support you except ED and CBI,” KTR added.

He also said that the Prime minister must stop spreading white and fabricated lies and termed the BJP as the ‘biggest jhoot factory of India.’

While addressing a rally in Nizamabad, PM Modi said, “KCR needed support for the Hyderabad municipal body. He came with a fancy shawl and gave me a lot of respect…which was quite uncharacteristic of KCR. Then, he said the country is progressing under you and we also want to be part of the NDA and induct us. In return, he wanted help in the municipal body. I told him that your acts are such that Modi cannot join with you and refused him entry into the NDA as well as to help him in any way,” the Prime Minister said in Telangana.

According to sources, the reason behind PM Modi’s revelation was that he intended to clarify that the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) and Bharatiya Janata Party have no “backhand deal” in Telangana.

Rama Rao attacked Modi, saying that the PM believes that he is so clean and the rest of the world is corrupt and sought to know what happened to the cases that were filed against some of the leaders who later joined the BJP.

“I wanted to remind the Prime Minister what happened to the case that was filed against Himanta Biswa (Assam Chief Minister). Once he joined your party. The case is gone,” he said.

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