Loki Season 2 Review: Marvel Series Takes Time To Branch Out, Ke Huy Quan Among Best Additions to MCU – News18

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Written By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: October 03, 2023, 18:38 IST

Loki Season 2 Review: Note — This review is based on the first four episodes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe series Season 2. “I promise you this will all make sense,” says Loki in the fourth episode of Loki season 2 and it somewhat sums up the first half of the new season. Tom Hiddleston returns as the God of Mischief two years after his solo debut. Given the first season had set the bar high, the expectations from season 2 were high. Unfortunately, the first four episodes don’t live up to the expectations but don’t fully disappoint either.

Loki season 2 kicks off immediately after the events of the season 1 finale. Loki meets us in a different timeline with no one recognising him. He soon learns he’s time slipping and has to find a solution to it. Meanwhile, he also learns that the timelines are branching out endlessly which means destruction for the MCU timeline. In between switching timelines, he meets Ouroboros aka OB (Ke Huy Quan), TVA’s in-house repair guy who plays a vital role in mending everything, including Loki.

The new season was expected to be complicated, and chaotic and establish the possible threat Kang variants could pose in the new phase of the MCU. However, the first four episodes seem to have a different plan. Instead, Loki is seen fighting a race against time and it is a little haywire, much like branched-out timelines.

We meet the variant of Kang like it was teased at the end of Loki season 1, but the new season (so far) doesn’t establish a strong villain. It is understandable that the makers were trying to show that not all variants are the same but a strong villain seems to be the need of the hour for the MCU, especially after Thanos’ death. In the first season of Loki, TVA poses a strong threat to Loki and they also built the momentum for He Who Remains. The second season also tries to build an interesting villain but they are not strong enough so far.

Having followed the MCU from the first phase, it’s disappointing to see the new phases struggling to set up a strong villain. Another issue I have with the new season is it gets a little difficult to follow. I had to rewatch a few scenes to understand it properly despite paying full attention. Having said this, I am giving Loki season 2 the benefit of the doubt that the last two episodes might bring the bang I was hoping for.

What Loki season 2 lacks in terms of villain, it compensates with well-layered writing, visuals, and performances. Loki season 2 has impressive writing by showrunner Eric Martin. The creators have ensured to not only amp up the core characters but also invest in the present, back, and possible futures of the supporting characters. This keeps the four episodes going. Cinematographer Isaac Bauman brings the vision board to life with ease, making the series an experience to remember.

On the acting front, Tom Hiddleston shines as always. He brings a delicious blend of mischief, chaos, and maturity to his character, all with his trademark smirk. A scene in the second episode brings back Loki’s villain era for a few minutes before he switches back to the mature character he is. This scene reminds you that Tom truly deserves his solo series and more in the MCU. Owen Wilson as Mobius M. Mobius supports him well.

My favourite this season is Ke Huy Quan. He owns the screen every time he comes on, even stealing the spotlight from Tom. I would love to see a miniseries spin-off on OB. It is heartbreaking to see Jonathan Majors not shine in this one. He was menacing in the first season but this doesn’t leave a mark. On the other hand, Tara Strong’s Miss Minutes stood out throughout the third and fourth episodes.

Bottom Line: Despite its flaws, Loki Season 2 emerges as one of the best Disney+ series out there. Tom Hiddleston and Co entertain you with every episode and are bound to make you theorising like always after every episode.

Loki Season 2 will air a new episode every Thursday. In India, the MCU series will be available on Disney+ Hostar.

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